Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Our pom family began in 2007 with Eden's Coco Puff.  She was bred with Beau James Wydnom's Ring of Fire in 2009 and 2011, and June 26, 2011 with Beau James Sundazzle Bear.  Bear's father Kacee's Tailors Teddy Bear was a champion and  Coco's  grandfather Finch's He Walks on Water (Travis) was a grand champion. Travis is the "winningest" black pom ever in the history of the breed; he excelled at stud & produced 67 champions (from Finch's website). Coco is a lovely orange and white mix with black on her nose; Bear is a gorgeous orange sable. Together they have produced strikingly beautiful puppies ranging in colors of cream, orange, and orange sable. In 2013 we added Eden and Frosty to our home; they are a striking pair who are white with a little cream on their backs.  One of Coco's daughters Taffy is also being bred and produces very lovely pups. Taffy is a beautiful orange and white with an incredibly loving personality. All of our dogs are exceptionally gorgeous and healthy and have all been proven to have these same characteristics in their offspring. In 2014 we purchased GreenAcre's Bit of Honey, a gorgeous black and tan, and Greenacre's Willow Valley, a lovely cream sable; both of these girls will help us continue our production of some of the finest quality Pomeranians.


Coco and Theo



Newborn pups

Coco with Asia






Hershie, Nestlie, Taffy and Reesie

Nestlie after a big day!

Reesie tired of the photo session.


Liam just hanging around.


Sundazzle Bear is the daddy of Carmella, Blaise, Flame, Cookie and Rocky.

Flame leaning on a boot.



Cookie Dough taking time to smell the flowers.

Rocky Road

Eden's Sweetly We Sing Noel (Eden)

Greenacre Poms TAFFY

Eden sweet and loving

Taffy with snowflakes

Eden's Frosted Wonderland (Frosty)

Taffy with 5 pups born January 20, 2014.

Taffy's pups.

Frosty is very warm, sweet, and fuzzy!

Eden and pups born January 10, 2014

Eden's pups.